#theDGTakeover watch party & what you can look forward to from this space

Two nights ago, we hosted #theDGTakeover, our exclusive debut showing of our first episode, now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Play, Stitcher, & Youtube. Our event was a success beyond our wildest dreams, & we are still on a high from all of the positive vibes & feedback we have received.

check out this FRONT PAGER of us (written by a Dearborn Girl) in the Detroit News.

check out Malak Wazne’s awesome collection of pictures from the event.

our debut at the Arab American National Museum

our debut at the Arab American National Museum

If you haven’t listened to our first episode on Mariam Jalloul’s Harvard Homecoming, you can listen to it here!

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Specifically, we will be launching a Dearborn Girl docuseries & an #AskDearborn short film segment. Earlier today, we launched the first edition of our #AskDearborn segment, where we bring the pod to the community. Through this unfiltered series, we will be asking the community questions every week & inviting them to weigh in on our question of the week. From there, Malak will produce these short films & upload them onto our channel & instagram. While we do not endorse individual comments that we may include, we see this segment as a main propeller of urgent conversation within Dearborn, which is why we do not censor individual commentary. In our first edition of #Ask Dearborn, we ask the community to weigh in on the question “how would you define a Dearborn Girl?”

check out our video below!

We will pilot the first episode of our docuseries tomorrow for a deeper dive into the lives of the individual women in this community, so stay tuned by following us @dearborn.girl on instagram & @proudlyadg on twitter.


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